Outdoor Living

While the interior design of your home is of utmost importance, so is the exterior! 

In Michigan, we love the outdoors, and at Payne Restoration, we offer a wide variety of solutions for you to enjoy it right in your own front and backyard. We renovate and custom build porches, 3 and 4 season rooms, and decks. Perfect for any Spring, Summer, and Fall gatherings!

WHEN YOU LIVE OUTDOORS, Exterior is just as important as interior!

With Michigan being a four-season state, you can count on being able to enjoy the outdoors for three of them! Payne Restoration custom builds and renovates a wide variety of outdoor exterior structures that support fun for the whole family!

Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can get you outside enjoying your yard again this year.

Improve your way of life and property value with exterior renovation.

If you live in West Michigan and want to enjoy the outdoors at home, call Payne Restoration and call it done.

Payne Restoration Pre-Build Process


Assess Project


Meet / Set Goals


Design / Draw / Select


Approve / Finalize