I am sure that there are many questions in regards to Governor Whitmer’s executive order today to stay home and stay safe during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are trying to determine what this means for our industry and projects. We are focusing on the health of our team, the health of our community and our client’s needs. We also are trying to be proactive to help reduce future bottlenecks, and ease back into business as usual when the time comes.

While our employees are healthy and eager to work, we do not have a clear understanding if we can continue to work on any of our projects and at this time it is unclear how our supply chain regarding material production, material deliveries, and manufacturing of goods will be affected. We have also been made aware that some of our building departments are shutting down, while others are only inspecting exterior projects.

In the 2020 calendar year, we have engaged in business with 49 trade partners and vendors. Our project schedules are planned way out in advance, and if one of our vendors or trade partners stops delivering, or our electrical, plumbing, or mechanical contractors shut down, it puts our schedules in disarray. As a forewarning, since it seems all of the new home and remodeling industry may be shut down, our up and coming projects may not flow as smoothly as normal when they start. This is due to the fact that not only are we restructuring Payne Restoration schedules, all of our trade partners, building departments, and vendors will have to do so as well.

At this time, for current projects already in production, we will reach out to you individually to see if there is anything we can safely and legally do to help reduce a 3 week shutdown. We are postponing new starts and will reach out to you with updated schedules when feasible. For those with start dates in late April and all of May, please understand our projects will be built on a first in, first out order. So all start dates will be pushed back equally.

For pending and up and coming projects, Sue, Benjamin and myself will be working from home, and will continue to work on drawings, selections and scheduling as feasible.

Thank you for entrusting your home’s renovation to us, we will do everything in our power to service you as efficiently and as quickly as the law allows.
Eric Payne
CEO of Payne Restoration and Construction LLC