Are we the right fit for your project?

Payne Restoration, LLC Project Guidelines

Are we a good match?

Payne Restoration has your project covered from conception to completion, but keep in mind that we do have a few criteria boundaries. At Payne, we provide additional “add-on” services for current clients that are already in the midst of a larger project with us. However, we typically do not provide the same services as separate, smaller projects. These smaller one-and-done projects are better suited for specialty contractors, saving the expense of design and project management.

What does this mean? Below are some examples of projects we will and will not fulfill.

  • We WILL provide services for a FULL kitchen remodel, PLUS re-tiling the main floor bathroom while we are working on the kitchen remodel.
  • We WILL NOT provide services for JUST re-tiling main floor bathroom, but can refer you to a local tile setter.

Why, you ask?

At Payne Restoration, we work as a TEAM with comprehensive design-builds that require an array of skills to address each niche of the project. In other words, each of our team members specialize in specific aspects of each project to create the “whole”. If we were to pursue a one-and-done project, our full array of assets would not be utilized, therefor taking away our design and management skills we are most successful with. Additionally, our pricing for this type of small project would likely be higher than that of a specialty contractor that only installs tile, flooring or drywall.

Review of services:

  • We will provide add-on services for existing projects that already utilize our entire team for larger, in-depth projects. When our entire team is part of the action, it is cost effective for the customer and still utilizes our management team.
  • While we provide the following list of services as add-ons for large projects, we will NOT pursue them as individual projects: Painting, Tiling, Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, Drywall, and Carpentry.

What does all of this mean?

If you have a larger-scale project in mind that requires a TEAM of experts, then we’re the perfect team for you! If additional mini-projects happen to arise in the midst of the larger project, we’re happy to tackle those for you too. On the flip-side, for example, we wouldn’t be the best fit to tile your bathroom floor.


From our family to yours, thanks for considering us and understanding our boundaries!


The Payne Restoration Team ready for a rewarding day of renovation work.

These guys are wonderful! They completed the job in a very timely manner and communicated with us throughout the entire process. I will definitely be using them again for my next big project. Highly Recommended!