Services of Payne Restoration

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Payne Restoration offers services to improve every aspect of your home.


$65 Minimum Charge for Service | $50 an hour
$150 consultation for insurance estimates, or homes not currently owned by the client
(Getting pricing contingent to the purchase of a house)

Home Renovation/Restoration – Home Additions – Whole House Remodeling – Window Replacement – Door Replacement – Exterior Finishing

Specializing in renovations to investment property is something the Payne family has been involved in for a lengthy period of time. Finding a contractor familiar with the housing market is helpful when remodeling a home for resale. Having restored over 1,000 properties, we know what homebuyers are looking for in a home.

Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling – Cabinet Installation – Interior Finishing

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is the ideal solution for homeowners wanting to stay in their current home. Renovations provide the opportunity to update countertops, fixtures, appliances, lighting, and flooring. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling improves functionality to accommodate the changing landscape of a family. Payne Restoration can offer the designing, building and installation of cabinets for a custom look to fit any style while giving homeowners more storage, allowing them to abandon cluttered areas and make their home more enjoyable.